Showcasing your Kids on Facebook

I DO NOT put pictures of my kid up online, Way too many haters, I would rather look like a single…hootchie, who is a DYSFUNCTIONAL deplorable…than a great mother…as nobody needs to know what my kid looks like. I was a great mother, and family woman, I sacrificed, my job, my career, my grades just to do the right thing for my kid. I would stop anything and everything I was doing, if I noticed behavioral problems developing, just to BE PRESENT IN THE HOME, Every body was treated like gold, I was extremely traditional, BUT did I need to broadcast this online? NO, fuck people, they can think I was a whore for all I cared. Family life…needs a bit of protection.

This online stuff is too shifty. THEIR ARE THREE PRIMARY REASONS ( however, I am not limiting my reasons to three ) AS TOO WHY I WOULD PROTECT MY KIDS IDENTITY AND MY FAMILIES IDENTITY ONLINE,




Once in a blue moon I will do it, I do not need strangers downloading pictures of my kid…, or tracking my kid down …. on social media. People are sickos. They always say…in most cases the sicko that nabs the neighbors children WAS IN FACT A FUCKING NEIGHBOR or a FRIEND of the family, so why would I endanger my child…and put my child online..for the entire world…is not going to happen. safety first man.

1) Haters: The last time I put up a picture of my daughter UP ONLINE some bitch from RENO, Nevada, stated clearly..that she wished my daughter would suffer pain,,,the same as I caused her, when in fact I did nothing to her but tell her that her man at the time was a cheater…but what did the cunt do, target my kid even tho she had two children herself.

ESPECIALLY FOR PART TIME FATHERS OUT THERE WHO WANT TO MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK LIKE THE GREAT DAD THAT NEEDS A WOMAN…Too many guys go and visit their kids on the weekends, or every second weekend..and take it as an opportunity to make themselves look like a good man even tho they are not around 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This may be out of their control, I am not downplaying their importance.However, their intentions for their children are questionable when all they do is showcase their kids to the public…as a means to increase their social status in their communities.

TONE THE PICS DOWN OF THE KIDS..IN PUBLIC…DANGER DANGER. When you are a Primary Caregiver, your job never stops, if anyone deserves to glamorize their character based on being responsible to their kids it would be the primary caregiver that deserves most of the credit, regardless of how much you pay in child support payments. Therefore, if you are not the primary caregiver … and your life is not seriously inconvenienced due to your responsibilities..TO YOUR KIDS, AND YOUR parenting IS LIMITED TOO,,just a few hours of,restaurant trips, child support payments and afternoons once a week at the park…it would seem as tho you are showcasing your kids to make yourself look good to the public…endangering the safety of your kids…outside of your personal facebook friend circle…is an attempt to boost your image and your ego at the expense of their safety.

If you notice, women are less likely to showcase their kids to the public…ongoing unless they have some weird emotional issues and they are blatantly stupid. They may put up a couple pictures,,,but to use their kids to create an entire image for themselves is unlikely…possibly because women undergo a lot more sexual advances and abuses from the point and time they hit puberty. Women tend to use other assets to entice prospective men. As it is possible to convince viewers that you are desirable and functional without throwing your kids into a social media dog pit where they may be targeted. Moving onward.

It is a given that men who pose in pictures with puppies, kitties and children will attract more women as opposed to women who pose with their children.. however, do not be deceived, the amount of women and men who do not want the responsibilities of somebody else’s children long term is the same…( bad people who lie, and deceive are everywhere )In addition, women will be more likely to pay a man attention as they see him as a responsible guy who will one day pay for her children as opposed to a man who will by pass by a women with kids because they see it as a long term responsibility. The man is more likely to use her, and toss her, whereas a woman, will go for the part time dad, and see how she can get him to pay for her. Which brings me too;

2) Romantic Partners with bad intentions: Everybody deserves a good partner, Everybody, Anyone reading this message deserves love.But be careful, prospective partners will use your kids as a point of manipulation. I can not tell you how many potential partners courted my mother and used us to…try and win her over, once the guy proved himself,,,they would start treating us (the offspring) like shit. Basically, putting your kids on display, gives people another variable to use in order to get into your pants, and your payroll.

So, that stated…. Women will want you,,,yes, but if you remember that story about Hansel and Gretel, the father got rid of his children to accommodate the new woman. A lot of women, will want you and ‘ the I am a great guy image’ you portray, while at the same time they will develop a hate on for your kids as they will see your kids as competition for the life and family that they want to have with you. There are strange and deranged people everywhere and they will target you kids. YES, They will like your pictures…and applaud you, but in the back of their head those bitches have other plans. I have met too many women, who settle down with men, and spend time with the guys kids, and than hop on the phone with me and tell me how me they do not like the guys kids, and how the guy is going to have to give them more than he gives his current children, because that is the old family and they are going to be the new. I have witnessed many guys…push away from their favor of the new women, I have watched step mothers abuse the kids while the man is not looking because they are not their own. I have witnessed,,,,this first hand.

Men are the same way to females. They nail the female down, promise her that he is a protector, and will love her and her children and then he turns into a fucking pyscho, I just read a case online where a man in Maryland beat his 7 year old step son to death over a piece of fucking cake….A lot of men…will secure the female and their first objective is to get rid of her kids. There are DANGERS to showcasing your order to make yourself look functional. I prefer to let everyone think I am dysfunctional, than put my family in the spotlight. Nobody deserves to know how great I am in my home life, let them think I am crazy…it is better that way. Remember, if you think that you are a tough guy, remember that tonnes of kids get taken…from scary people. Safety should always come first where your kids are concerned More people than not have bad intentions.

3) ABSOLUTE SICKOS: I have already caught customers from my workplace stalking my facebook…if you work in an industry with the prospect of sex offenders, or other shady types……put the pictures of your kids…to private…this coming from someone who is extremely public. SAFETY.

Sickos…’WILL’ download pictures of your kids and upload it onto websites catered to sex offenders…that is what is going on out there. With the advent of internet, these people …are everywhere. If you think you are safe, that is fine, people target your kids and your pets when you are not around.

I had a man follow me from the age of 14 years old until I was 19…I finally caught him, when he became brazen enough to follow me while I was with other female members of my family, at which point I pointed to him directly in the grocery store..and threatened his life. Furthermore, I had a neighbor that I would visit regularly, who turned out to be a sexual deviant and proceeded to shoot two elderly people…after getting caught robbing their home. I had a man attempt to sexually assault me at the age of 11, to which I gave him such a right hook..that he ran for his life, while I screamed for my mother, We shared a house rental with a man and his girlfriend..only to see them a year later on America’s most wanted for murder…Take heed,, so what we are online, there are more sickos then ever these days…straighten..out. You can make yourself look like a boy scout that women desire without putting your kids safety on the line.



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